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3 Best Investment Apps in Android for Beginners

Looking for the best investment app to restore your financial life? A solid finance app can handle routine financial tasks, shuffle money into investment accounts, and track expenses.

But the best investment apps can help you trade stocks quickly, track your account in real-time, help you learn the market, and more. Because they can do a lot of things, investment apps are becoming more and more popular.

Here are some of the most popular apps to organize and invest your finances. All of these apps are great for beginners and make it easier for those who are just starting to invest or want to play stock picking games for fun.

Betterment - Best investment app overall

Repair is one of the biggest and most popular robo-advisors, and for good reason. The app offers a professionally managed portfolio using ETFs that match your risk tolerance and when you need money. Improvements can create a social responsibility portfolio that focuses on climate change or social impacts.

Minimum balance required: $0 for digital services; $100,000 for premium service

Fees: 0.25 - 0.40 percent of assets are annual management fees

Why we love it:

If you're willing to take a little more risk, the app can find you an investment with a higher potential return.

If you need a more secure portfolio, Betterment can do it for you.

A powerful (and free) cash management account.

You can set up Repair and then sit back while the pros do the rest.

Repair charges a much lower price than you would pay for a traditional financial advisor.

The app allows you to set investment goals, such as a safety net or retirement, and there is no account minimum.

Who's best for?: Prefer professionally managed portfolios with low fees and cash management accounts.

Invstr - The best app for education

Invstr is what you get when you combine learning, real-world investing and community in an app designed to give novice investors a way to get into stocks, especially if you love the game. This app incorporates a fantasy stock market game where you can help manage a virtual portfolio and access investors' thoughts on stocks and other investments.

Minimum balance required: $0

Cost: $0, $3.99 for Invstr Pro. You can trade stocks, crypto and ETFs without commission with a minimum investment of $5.

Why we love it:

This fantasy game earns you $1 million in virtual cash, and you can use social networking apps and news feeds to get ideas. The best performer of the month also wins real money.

If you want to turn some of your imaginary choices into real bets, you can buy fractional shares and whole shares commission free in the app.

The app even gives new users $30 worth of Bitcoin when they open an account and fund it with $100. Invstr has also started commission-free cryptocurrency trading.

Who's best for?: You want to learn from the investment community, hear why they like certain stocks, and play fun fantasy games.

Acorn - The best app for saving

Acorns remains one of the most popular savings apps among the new generation of savings apps due to its ease of use. You really don't have to pay much attention once you set it up.

Minimum balance required: $0 for savings account

Cost: $3 or $5 per month depending on service level

Why we love it:

Link a debit or credit card to your account, and Acorns pools your total purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference in one of several portfolios of ETFs.

It costs a modest $3 per month for Acorns Personal, which includes an investment account, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), metal debit card, and more. You can open one of three versions of an IRA: traditional, Roth or SEP, and play an existing 401(k) or IRA.

This tier also offers an FDIC protected checking account at no additional cost, free access to thousands of ATMs, and early access to direct deposit.

Acorns selects your portfolio based on your target time until retirement (calculated as age 59 ) and becomes more conservative as you approach that age – something to consider when selecting an application.

For a total of $5 per month, you can add the Acorns Family, which includes first-tier features, as well as investment accounts for children.

Who's best for?: You like to get automatic investments when you spend them without worrying about them.