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Forex Trading: Want $50 Balance Bonus from FBS?

I don't know why at the beginning of every year I'm always excited for forex trading. In the first week I tried to play in Options, but only used the demo balance, for several reasons. One of them has not been able to deposit. Not because the funds are not yet available, but for some other reason.

Entering the second week I returned to forex trading after opening the email. Not because FBS sent me an email. But, because of the FBS advert that appeared in my email. A little curious, I opened the email. Turns out it's about a $50 bonus for new registered members or verified members.

Forex Trading $50 Balance Bonus from FBS

Of course I didn't miss this golden opportunity, I immediately took the bonus by opening a $50 bonus account from FBS. For those of you who also want this 50 dollar bonus but haven't registered yet, please register with FBS Indonesia first. I will explain how below:

Login to your FBS account.
Go to the Promotions and Bonuses section.
Next select Bonus $50.

$50 bonus

Please read the terms and conditions of this bonus first. When finished, please click Create an account at the bottom.

The profit from this bonus account can later be withdrawn on the condition that you have traded 2 lots or have made a profit of $25.

Trading 2 lots in question, which is the total lot you have traded. For example, I have traded 0.1 lots 4 times with. So, the total lot I traded was 0.4 lots, which means I need to trade 16 more times with the same lot (0.1) to cover a total of 2 lots.

From the $50 bonus I traded, I've collected $19 of the 0.9 I traded on the first day. So, I need 1.1 lots or 11 more trades to meet the requirement of 2 lots and it takes about $6 for profit to be withdrawn.

How do I get that much profit on the first day? I trade patiently. I take a maximum profit of 10 to 30 pips. Let the few things that matter, profit and the number of lots traded is quickly achieved.

Unfortunately, from this $50 bonus account we can only profit up to $500. So, consider depositing to another trading account from the profit of this bonus account.