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5 Forex Applications Suitable for Beginner Traders

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Forex Applications Suitable for Beginner Traders

Forex or foreign exchange is an activity of buying and selling foreign currencies from various countries. The advantages of investing in this one instrument are very tempting.

Besides being able to start with small capital, forex also has high liquidity so that investors can make purchases anytime and anywhere, including through applications.

Well, about what, yes, applications that are suitable for use for forex and guaranteed security? Take it easy, here Glints has summarized it for you.

1. MetaTrader 4

The first application that you can use for forex trading activities is MetaTrader 4. Developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp, this application is quite popular among traders.

How not, in addition to trading, this forex application also makes it easy for you to connect with hundreds of forex brokers.

Launching the official website, MetaTrader 4 makes it easy for traders to carry out technical analysis along with a flexible trading system. Not only that, this application even helps you to get real-time price quotes.

2. Agrodana Future News

Besides Meta Trader 4, you can also use an application called Agrodana Future News for forex trading activities.

This application is also under the auspices of PT Agrodana Futures. Through Agrodana Future News, you can monitor trading data every day.

On the other hand, this forex application also presents a simple display so that it is easily accessible by traders.

Currently, more than 5,000 people have downloaded Agrodana Future News on the Play Store. Interested in using it? Immediately download the application right now, yes!

3. HSB Trader

This one application is also very suitable for beginners to play forex trading. HSB Trader makes it easy for users to monitor market movements from time to time.

The most important thing, reported from its official website, is that HSB has full legality from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

That way, you don't have to worry about using this application.

4. Trade Optimizer

For a fee, you can get a variety of luxurious features, such as the 14 calculators feature that will later help you in analyzing risks to post-trading.

5. NetDania Stock & Forex Trader

This application is considered suitable for beginners. The reason is, NetDania will help you to monitor currency movements in real-time.

In fact, as reported by Investopedia, this application is quite popular among forex traders. Not only that, this application also presents actual news about forex so that traders can follow it.