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Why Do I Fail in Forex Trading?

In forex trading, cut losses often occur which cause large losses for traders. This they call a failure. Why? This is a question that is often asked to yourself, especially for beginners who are new to the forex world. Don't just give up because all traders have been in the so-called "beginner" position.

Mistakes in trading do not mean failure, in fact this is a valuable experience for those of us who are new to the world of forex. Without this error we will not understand that to do trading must really master at least the basics of forex. Most of us think trading is easy, and only realize after experiencing the first mistake, and from it we get valuable knowledge and experience.

Why Do I Fail in Forex Trading?

Why do I fail in trading? A common mistake that novice traders often make is "emotion". Because we can't control our emotions and think trading is easy, many of us are stuck in the situation of the orders we do. Some of the positions we trade may be profitable, but what about other positions that are experiencing losses? This situation makes us take the decision to take a new position with the intention of reducing or eliminating losses.

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Controlling emotions in trading is very important, don't be too hasty in making decisions for several positions (sell/buy). It is better to take 2-3 positions (orders) only but can achieve consistent profits. You can achieve this by creating the right trading plan according to what you want.

Emotions are only one of the reasons why you fail in trading, but it is an important point that you really need to pay attention to, because you can lose more money if you can't control your emotions. Be disciplined in trading!