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Want to Play Forex But Confused to Choose a Broker

Want to play forex but confused about choosing a trusted and properly regulated broker? If you feel like this means we feel the same. Aren't there many local brokers? Yes, but for some reason I am not interested in running a forex business with an Indonesian broker. The main reason is of course a matter of regulation. Every trader certainly wants to do forex business with a trusted broker that has been properly regulated based on world forex rules.

Indeed, in Indonesia there are many, even very many top forex brokers who have been brokers for years, but I'm still not interested. Then which broker do I use? I've always been loyal to Alpari, for local I use FBS Broker (bonus $50 no deposit). I had tried to open an account at FBS Indonesia, but it seems their server is down so I can't create a new trading account.

Want to Play Forex But Confused to Choose a Broker

The reason I want to start trading again is because I haven't traded for 8 months, it feels like the knowledge that was previously learned is useless without practice. I also feel that I don't know much about market developments, especially currencies because I haven't opened a trading account in a long time. Wanting to start playing forex again, of course there is also a desire to change brokers, try other brokers and hope to survive with only one broker.

In the next few days, you may have to make a selection from some of your friends' suggestions about which brokers you can rely on. Indeed, many friends suggested registering at InstaForex and I have already registered there. InstaForex is one of the most popular brokers in Indonesia with an excess deposit bonus of 30% of the total added funds to our account. However, I prefer to use FBS because of the ease in processing transactions (deposits/withdraws). Apart from that, so far I haven't had any problems with FBS.

However, even though it is popular, I still have to look for sources, especially those who have been in instaforex for a long time. If there are many IBs without complaints, it is not impossible for me to entrust funds to instaforex. The best brokers are foreign brokers, local brokers may be dubious for regulatory issues. But, registering with an outside broker is not easy, it's not just a matter of how to register and the verification process, accessing an outside broker is also not easy because the government blocks outside brokers for reasons that I think are unclear.

Whatever happens I really want to start trading again. If there are friends who have the same desire we can share, via Facebook, Twitter or via BBM. If friends are interested, please register on FBS and get a $5 bonus.