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Trading 2 Hours Earn 10 Dollars Per Day

Making hundreds to thousands of dollars from forex trading is very possible, even very easy for those who have been in this business for a long time. However, a large income certainly has the challenge of a big loss as well. The market cannot predict when we can profit and when we will experience losses.

For beginners in the forex world often think that this business is very easy to make money. Sometimes, they ignore that this business is very risky. Therefore, understanding forex trading should be a priority, don't lose money just because you are tempted by multiple profits from capital.

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For those who are new to the forex trading business, here I want to share my trading experience that I usually do since the first trading. No need for careful preparation with large capital, just a few hundred thousand can generate 5 dollars per day. What must be prepared is only mentally brave and ready to lose. And, most importantly, keep your emotions in check.

Trading 2 Hours Earn 10 Dollars

Why do I say the most important thing is to keep your emotions in check? The advantages and disadvantages are certain. When in a loss position, emotions will be tested and cause panic that leads to continuous loss.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep emotions in check and make a trading plan. For beginners and small players, there is no need to pursue a profile of tens to hundreds of dollars per day because all you need to do is create your own trading plan and make consistent profits.

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Based on the experience of playing forex at the beginning, I often failed to profit because I could not control my emotions. This brought me to a position to open an order and order again. As a result, I failed and made a loss. Based on that experience I began to learn to control my emotions and started trading consistently with my trading plan.

To make a profit of up to 10 USD per day, it is enough to trade within 15 minutes. Take advantage of the backflow by referring to the 1-hour candlestick. If one pair shows you have to buy, you have to buy, when the peak of the market is stable and moves down you go back to sell orders.

This trading system must be focused, never leave your laptop or smartphone. Always watch for movement. You can also give this trading system innovation or other ideas. For example, you want to stay because you believe the market is going up and you have to stay in a buy position. It doesn't matter as long as you believe.

But, for me personally, I still close the order, even though I'm sure. I have to wait by looking for another pair. If it keeps going up I will come back with a buy order. Even so, applying this method must also be careful and keep your emotions in check, don't just because you lose a little and then you panic for fear of losing. Close the order if you are not sure.