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How to Register a Forex Demo Account on Android

How to Register a Forex Demo Account on Android - For those of you who want to learn to play forex, before jumping into the forex market using real money, of course you want to make sure whether you are ready for real trading or still want to learn first. One of the best ways to learn forex is to take advantage of the demo account facilities provided by each broker.

Indeed, the use of a demo account is highly recommended for beginners who want to play forex. The demo account is a real market just like the real market, even if it is only a demo account, but you can trade with a demo account where trading or currency movements is the same as real trading. It's just that the money in the demo account is virtual money.

To make it easier to use a demo account to play forex, you should trade with a demo account via an Android smartphone, namely the MetaTrader 4 application. Please download it on the Google Play Store if you don't have this application. Alternatively, you can also download the MetaTrader 5 application.

How to Register a Forex Demo Account on Android

The advantages of using the Metatrader 4 application on Android are many, one of which is convenience. Besides being easy to trade from anywhere, using this Android trading application also makes it easy for novice traders to create a demo account.

By using the meta trader 4 application, you can register a demo account easily. You can also choose which broker you want to use the demo account with.

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A little addition from me before I end this post, namely tips on using a forex demo account for both Android and desktop. For those of you who want to play forex, there is no need to rush and feel that you are able and capable enough to trade for real.

The profit you get from the demo account will not necessarily be the same as the real account. The demo account is played free of charge because it is not real money, and it will be different if you trade real money.

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In using the demo account, you must treat this free account like a real account. You can enter funds according to the available funds including Laverage. In the picture above you can see I chose 1:500 leverage because I trade using that much leverage. For the funds themselves, I only entered the smallest because entering funds could not be done manually.

If you really want to be involved in the forex world, study hard, especially in using a demo account. Remember, as I said above, treat the demo account like a real account. And, be serious in trading even if you are using a demo account.