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How to Play Forex with IDR 100 Thousand Capital

The safe way to play forex is of course with a large capital, a minimum of $ 1000 so that the resilience of the capital is strong. Then how about playing forex with small capital starting from IDR 100 thousand? Can. There is no word that you can't play with small capital, even starting from IDR 50 thousand.

The question is, how much profit can be obtained? The smaller the capital, the smaller the income (profit) we will get. You can play forex with a minimum capital determined by the broker. However, to pursue profits, of course, must be with large capital. At least have a minimum deposit of $ 500. Then how to play forex with a capital of Rp. 100 thousand? Here are some ways to play forex with minimal capital.

How to Play Forex with IDR 100 Thousand Capital

I will explain how to play forex with a capital of Rp. 100 thousand. Here I assume you already have a forex account because I did not explain from the beginning to register. But if you don't have a forex account, please register with the broker I usually use, namely FBS Indonesia.

1. Create a cent account

A cent account is the smallest account provided by a forex broker so that traders with minimal capital can trade forex.

2. Deposit

After the account is active, deposit funds to your forex account for IDR 100 thousand. Wait until the deposit process is successful and enter your account.

3. Laverage

Choose a minimum leverage of 1:500 so that a capital of IDR 100 thousand can be strong enough to survive. Reduce leverage after increasing capital.

4. Oder

Place a maximum order of half (0.50) lots. You can also order up to 1 lot if later your IDR 100 thousand capital has increased.