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Experience Playing Forex With Deposit Bonus Account

The story about the experience of playing forex, I have used various kinds of accounts. When I first entered the world of forex trading, I didn't play using a micro account, instead I used a sent account. Playing forex should be like that, don't let us feel like it's been years because several times profit from demo accounts or virtual accounts that are widely available on the internet. Playing using a demo account is highly recommended before switching to a real account, it's just that many traders are impatient, especially after seeing their demo account profit every day from trading, not even the slightest loss.

Don't rush, at least you have to master trading with a demo account. Using a demo account is not just playing, buying orders, selling orders and closing orders. But, how to use the provided Meta Trader application.

Experience Playing Forex With Deposit Bonus Account

Ok, the story of the experience of playing forex is endless because every day we have experience, forex is not an exact science that has a limit, there is a highest level. This is about the market which is always changing by state finances, the development of countries in the world and about trade. So, if sharing and learning forex is endless, even a labeled expert is still learning and doesn't have a 100% profit strategy from forex. The point is learning, seeking knowledge, monitoring world developments, that is what is needed and what must be done so as not to be blind in trading. Paying attention to candlesticks is not enough, technical analysis is necessary, but as a trader, you must understand that forex is heavily influenced by financial news.

The story of playing forex this time is about the account I used to trade for the first time. I chose a sent account, my reason is simple because I want to learn longer and don't need to spend big funds. I learned on my own, experimenting with minimal knowledge. I only focus on 2-3 fairs, I look for information related to the country's currency, including the country's national news concerning the country and its finances.

Even though I used a sent account with a deposit bonus, I kept playing and learning. What do I get from a deposit bonus account? The deposit bonus that I got is true, it's just that the bonus is not given just like that because there are various conditions that must be met. But, it didn't matter because I was able to fulfill those conditions. However, there is something that makes me regret, namely the account I used cut my funds by $7 when I made the first withdrawal because I used an account with a deposit bonus.

With that experience I suggest to friends who want to start trading to think before deciding to choose to use an account with a deposit bonus on the first deposit. In addition, if you are a beginner, you should use a sent or micro account with 1:500 Laverage and also create another account with a different leverage. Between forex accounts you can transfer funds, so if you want to use a larger account you can transfer your funds to that account.

That's the story of the experience of playing forex using a bonus account by me. I will write about other experiences in the next article.